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The Project's services are founded on research:


  • We seek to identify who is already an investor in a company and those we believe the company can usefully target.

  • We seek to understand investor perceptions of our clients; their expectations for company earnings, their views on company strategy, capital structure, management, governance and the way our clients interact with markets.

  • Using this information, we develop investor and financial media relations strategies covering: their objectives; audience targeting; key messages; communications channels; engagement programmes and success indicators.  

  • We then assist our clients to implement these strategies and review progress against the success indicators. And, we suggest changes to ensure a programme evolves and is responsive to the ever-changing demands of capital market participants. 


The detail:

  • Independent investor and financial media relations counsel

  • Investor and media relations strategy development and implementation

  • Investor perception analysis

  • Consensus monitoring

  • Disclosure review

  • Relative performance analysis

  • Proxy solicitation

  • Investor briefing days


  • Media management

  • Disclosure preparation and review

    • Annual and interim reports 

    • Press releases

    • Investor newsletters

  • IPO and secondary market capital raising support

  • Presentation and media training

  • Roadshow development and management

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